Waterfront Planning

A significant transformation has occurred in the waterfront areas of cities nationwide. Areas that once served as gateways to the city and significant centers of transportation, trade, manufacturing and warehousing are now becoming new places with new civic identities where shopping, recreation, residential, entertainment and lodging projects are being built. Spurred by the changing functional role of waterfront properties for transportation and commercial facilities to more pedestrian uses, these areas have been the focus of attention for redevelopment projects and building reuse conversions. Simply stated, waterfront areas have changed from what were once working areas to now are walking and live/work areas.

Many communities involved in waterfront efforts have required the assistance of our senior professionals in the pre-development and project packaging phases of these endeavors. These waterfront redevelopment projects are regarded as beneficial additions to a community, as the areas are dramatically improved in terms of environmental quality. Increased interest in urban living has occurred and demand has heightened for urban recreational opportunities.