Areawide Development Strategies

Vantage Point Real Estate Development Management, LLC senior professionals have provided numerous public entities with economic assessments and strategies geared to understanding areawide economic development potentials. These assessments often are conducted across large geographic areas, along transportation quarter horse, along river basins, or in multi-jurisdictional portions of states. These assessments typically include formulating educational and marketing strategies, recommending linkages to existing businesses, and retraining employees laid off from business and industry. These strategies usually include preparation of market and financial feasibility assessments, implementation approaches, funding alternatives analyses and solicitation of developer interest.
Other market segments also are often addressed. Assistance has been provided to local officials in structuring planning and development incentives to attract new residential development into desired areas. These plans have included efforts mandated by law as well as more modest measures resulting in competitively advantaged housing sites being offered in areas where revitalization is sought. And, strategies have been developed to forge a community consensus to attract more retail development opportunities and stimulate investment climate required to foster them.