Services Overview

Vantage Point Real Estate Development Management, LLC, (VPREDM) is interested in assisting clients in need of our special services in managing public-private venture (PPV) real estate development projects, and in securing research & development (R&D) tax credits for project entities and their parent companies.

Real Estate Development Management

Senior professionals at VPREDM maintain teaming relationships with over 90 firms nationwide, as well as professional connections with an additional 190 firms, including specialists in law, architecture, engineering, construction management and others active in real estate developments.

Our value added development management services can complement and enhance work you are performing for your clients. Our company can engage with you at various stages of the development process as needed.

Perhaps the most effective way to determine if we can be of assistance is to examine our capabilities as organized on our website. Below these services are assembled alphabetically within four groups to match the stages of the development process:

Initial Planning:
Adaptive reuse planning
Areawide development strategies
Master planning
Revitalization/redevelopment strategies
Waterfront planning

Development Feasibility:
Campus-related economic support
Development impact analysis
Economic development planning
Predevelopment feasibility analyses
Small community/rural economic restructuring

Development Negotiations:
Assistance structuring PPV’s
Innovative financing strategies
Litigation/expert testimony
Tax increment financing

Project Packaging/Development Management:
Asset management
Organization management
Project packaging/crafting of development agreements

With the economic recovery now underway, our senior professionals are eager to apply their experiences with the nearly 300 real estate development projects undertaken in 40 countries and abroad that are described in the Experience section on the VPREDM website.

Research and Development (R&D) Tax Credits

A special service offered by senior professionals at VPREDM is assisting owners and companies to secure tax credits for a wide range of entities active in real estate development. R&D tax credits are an immediate source of funds for companies of all sizes that design, develop or improve products, processes, techniques or formulas in their respective businesses or industries.

Owners incorrectly assume that this tax credit can only be secured for patents, emerging technologies and labs filled with PhD’s in white coats, and often think that the tax credit is only for companies that are inventing something brand-new, and are not for companies in their industry.

In fact, architects, engineers, designers, construction companies and others engaged in real estate development are often surprised to learn that they can qualify to receive R&D tax credits. Eligible expenses can include wages, supplies and equipment that improve a product or project, like making a building greener or reducing operating costs. These tax credits can significantly reduce both current and future federal and state tax liabilities.

As strong bi-partisan Congressional support has continued since the highly-favored R&D tax credit became law in 1981, senior professionals at VPREDM can introduce companies to the advantages, and connect them to affiliated specialists who have successfully completed tax credit applications for thousands who have taken advantage of this attractive tax incentive.