Organization Staffing/Management

Vantage Point Real Estate Development Management, LLC, senior professionals are often used by communities to involve local public and private leadership in strengthening local economies. On several occasions, our senior professionals have been retained to direct nonprofit development entities that address the challenges of public/private cooperation in efforts to support real estate development. Creating a separate arm of a corporate entity helps ensure access to and coordination of both public and private resources, while shielding both sectors from liabilities and risks that may be incurred during project development.

Such nonprofit entities are often employed to manage projects were long- term solutions to defy short-term remedies. Our senior professionals have not only personally performed technical services for such development entities, but they have also acted as the support staff and administration to many such nonprofit organizations nationwide. Many communities have deemed it advantageous to retain our professionals as staff members for specific time. If formulator realistic work program, to garner sufficient public and private resources to maintain the operation of the entity to start the process of packaging specific projects, and to act as the community leaders’ “surrogate developer” in harnessing public and private dollars for important investment decisions.

Once our efforts result in established work programs and once initial desired results are achieved, our professionals often leave their staff roles as corporate managers and assume an expanded role as corporate technical advisors on real estate development projects initiated during our tenure.

Our reputation for melding community leadership into a focused consensus on development and redevelopment issues is one of the primary attributes which attracts nonprofit entities to us. Our professionals are involved in a full spectrum of services including comprehensive planning, market research, financial analyses, development programming, developer solicitations, preparation of action plans and strategies, and representation of our client in all aspects of complex financial arrangements.