High-Tech/University Related Research

The ability of a community to capitalize on the high tech sector and other university-related opportunities is a critical component in its economic development and the degree to which it maintains a strong economy as it meets the changing needs of a technology-hungry, globalized world. Vantage Point Real Estate Development Management, LLC’s senior staff have been involved in a wide range of high-tech and university-related development projects. As defined by the Association of University Research Parks, these property-based ventures master plan real estate developments designed for research and commercialization, create partnerships with universities and research institutions, drive technology-led economic development and encourage the growth of new companies. Typical industries include biotechnology and life sciences, clean and green energy, nanotechnologies, information technologies, wireless communications research, and gaming/e-learning research.

Categories of involvement include research and technology parks, biotechnology, incubators and accelerators, and other university-related services.

Research and High-Technology Parks
Vantage Point Real Estate Development Management, LLC senior professionals have been significantly involved in research and high-technology park development, including site characteristics identification and site selection, market and feasibility analysis, developer solicitation, business plan development, acquisition of tenants, and predicted financial performance, among other activities. These efforts have yielded developments where companies emphasize the importance of innovation for sustained economic growth and competitiveness in today’s global, fast-paced, knowledge-based economy.

Biotechnology and Incubators
Frequently, Vantage Point Real Estate Development Management, LLC senior professionals’ work in developing research and technology parks and incubators has aided the development of the biotechnology industry. Often, this work has been brought about in a university setting, as universities play a critical role in biotechnology research. Some of these spaces feature business accelerators to further build the start-up and entrepreneurial community within these research parks. Typically these facilities offer emerging companies with access to a research facility with state-of-the art equipment, as well as world-class scientific and business development support. Collaborative research and educational programs are conducted among academia, industry and government.