“I have had the privilege of working with Ralph Basile for several years, primarily as a result of his involvement as a consultant to a charitable foundation which is the owner of several thousand acres of prime real estate outside of Middletown, DE.  I am legal counsel to that Foundation.

Ralph brings tremendous real world, practical experience to the table.  The Foundation has been engaged  in a joint venture arrangement involving a complicated development scheme for the development and construction of a large, master planned, mixed-use new urban development.  The advice Ralph has rendered throughout the course of the last several years (spanning some of the best and worst of times!) has been invaluable.  His work has involved detailed modeling of various scenarios based upon varying sets of assumptions.  He does not just run the empirical data.  Rather, both orally and in written form,  he then puts the options and alternatives into layman’s language for a Board of Trustees that, for the most part, consists of non-lawyers and folks that have little experience in real estate and development. He is able to convert sophisticated complicated concepts into straight-forward terms that the Trustees can understand and process.  Moreover, as counsel to the Trust, I have witnessed first-hand his collaborative team approach in order to build consensus and reach resolution of complicated matters.  As a consequence, I would wholeheartedly recommend Ralph to other clients and contacts.”

– Wendie Stabler, Partner, Saul & Ewing, LLP

“Decades ago, in a seminar on real estate and its relationship to economic development, I listened to one presenter use humor and a vast knowledge of the subject educate and inspire the professionals in the room. That man was Ralph Basile.

I was a chamber of commerce director at the time, and since then I’ve called upon Ralph more times than I can count. His guidance has always been based on an understanding in his field that’s amazingly deep, as well as an ability to eliminate the nonsense. It’s the type of clear vision that’s rare in his field. Ralph doesn’t tell those who consult with him what he thinks they want to hear; he tells them what they need to hear to make educated decisions.

Today, as a writer, I still dial his number when researching complex business articles that deal with real estate and the economy. Ralph cuts through the spin, assesses the issues, and has always been accurate. I’ve confer with him not only professionally, but also personally when considering the purchase, sale or management of real estate, and I’ve been willing to invest my own dollars based on his advice.

To put it simply, I consider Ralph one of my most valuable sources because he knows his business. I have no qualms whatsoever in recommending that others do the same if they’re looking for the type of services he provides.”

– Angeljean Chiaramida, formerly with Chamber of Commerce, Martha’s Vineyard, MA

“When the City of Annapolis and the Annapolis Economic Development Corporation wanted expert retail market analysis, we turned to Ralph and his team who worked closely with us throughout the process and reached out to many community stakeholders to ensure that they were capturing all relevant data. Ralph’s candor, accessibility and responsiveness to us ensured that the final product achieved our goals and provided us with the solid data and analysis we needed.”

– Josh Cohen, Mayor, City of Annapolis, MD

“It is with great pleasure that I recommend Ralph and his team! I have had the opportunity to contract with them on three separate occasions in two different communities. Not only did I receive outstanding work products, on time and under budget but I also received invaluable “off record” conversations. Their knowledge of communities/economic development and willingness to share their expertise was invaluable to me when working with tight budgets. They tackle each assignment with dedication, timeliness and a personal touch! Most recently they worked with my organization and the City to provide an analysis of a City owned property that had a “black eye” due to decisions made by previous administrations, a series of errors that ultimately cost the City over $1,000 a square foot. Ralph and his team handled the matter professionals despite what seemed like a dynamic scope of work due to on-going decisions being made by the Council during the time the study was being completed. Ultimately, the Council heard the presentation and agreed with many of the candid suggestions brought forth. If you are considering hiring Ralph to assist your business, do not hesitate to bring this knowledgeable organization to assist you.”

– Lara Fritts, President, Annapolis Economic Development Corporation, Annapolis, MD

“Ralph and his team provided Danville with a well-rounded realistic redevelopment document for what we call our River District. The planning process itself was well received in the community and the actual plan has been put to use from the moment the documents were printed. We are currently undertaking Phase I and Phase II of the recommended public improvement projects and three of the four Phase I private catalytic projects are underway. This is an exciting time for our community and the process we undertook and living document that Ralph and his team produced have really contributed to our success.”

– David Parrish, City Manager, City of Danville, VA

“We really appreciate the work Ralph and his team provided for the County!”

– Susan Monaco, Procurement Manager, Fauquier County, VA

“The City of Orlando has appreciated the opportunity to work with Ralph’s team on redevelopment sites in Downtown Orlando. He strives to understand our needs and timeframe and has always delivered a product that exceeds expectations.”

– Brooke Bonnett, AICP, Director of Economic Development, City of Orlando, FL

“Ralph and his team not only provided sound financial analysis, but the professionals exhibited patience in explaining the technical context for the analysis for the general public. They worked with the Town on all inputs and provided many suggestions to help the analysis meet the specific needs of the Town. Their ability to respond to detailed questions and provide surprising financial insights helped the Town make a breakthrough in viewing the future of development at a planned metro rail.”

– Kay Robertson, Senior Project Planner, Herndon Department of Community Development

“I have always found Ralph and his team to be a pleasure to work with. You have completed very task in a timely manner and always exceeded our expectations. I especially appreciate the vigor and extra effort you expend while looking after our interests in all matters. The service we have received has always exceeded the cost we have paid for it.”

– Howard Woolley, Jr., Business Administrator, City of Long Branch, NJ

“As the primary consultant for the project, Ralph assembled and led a highly qualified consultant team that was very responsive, professional and thorough in their delivery of services. While the time schedule for completing the study was extremely constrained, the team was well organized, met all project deadlines, and facilitated an effective decision-making process. As their expertise was critical in ensuring a well informed dialogue on the proposed concept, I would highly recommend retaining Ralph for multi-disciplinary planning and economic analysis services.”

– Hanson Hom, Director of Community Development, City of Sunnyvale, CA

“Ralph and his team provided our foundation invaluable assistance in analyzing our financial options regarding development of our 2,000 acre land holding. They not only worked closely and professionally with foundation staff and our private developer partner, but also offered sound strategic advice to our trustees and legal counsel. They certainly guided us in the right direction, were a pleasure to work with and I would not hesitate to again seek their sage business and real estate development advice.”

– Peter Morrow, Executive Director, Private Foundation, Wilmington, DE

“Ralph and his team have provided us with an abundance of expert information in assisting with the amendment of our redevelopment plan. The team working with us was very professional, knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with.”

– Sherri Baker, AICP, Community Redevelopment Planner, City of Tallahassee, FL

“I found Ralph to be very professional and responsive to our needs. His team’s reports were thorough and their expertise was very valuable.”

– Randy Kuhlman, CEO, Fort Dodge (IO) Community Foundation and United Way

“Ralph Basile is nationally known for his expertise in finding innovative solutions to challenging development projects. This expertise includes everything from financing public sector capital improvements projects to private sector development along with tenant mixes/groupings to supply and demand analysis. His work includes significant expertise, skills and knowledge in diverse and broad areas such as industrial, commercial/office, hotel/convention, “Main Street” to Transit Oriented Development. He possesses extensive experiences and successes in the reuse of military and defense contractor facilities along with community redevelopment. I have known and worked with Ralph on a variety of projects over the last 30 years. These include Main Street revitalization to military base reuse to hotel development projects. There is no-one that I trust more! No slick glossy presentations. His work is fundamentally based incorporating decades of success in concert with value-added work bringing best practices for his clients -making him the finest decision you could make!”

– Tim Johnson, Public Policy Consultant, Sacramento, CA

“Working with Ralph was like having a “Florence Nightingale” for us during the process of developing an acceptable proposal for the government. He knows his stuff cold, is clear and consistent about what is needed when and from whom, never loses his cool, is supremely patient with us – and he never gives up.
Ralph still takes personal service seriously, and doesn’t treat us as just another in a long line of clients needing his help. No one else comes close.”

– Kathryn G. Thompson, Rockhall Funding Corporation, Dallas, TX

“I had the opportunity to work with Ralph several years ago when our community engaged him to consult on a downtown project. Lawrence, Kansas, has a very vibrant downtown, and over the last several decades we have managed to avoid the decline that has befallen many small communities that became dormant after the construction of suburban malls. Maintaining that vibrancy and character has not always been easy in our community. During one of our more challenging periods, under Ralph’s expertise and leadership we completed a process of identifying strengths to promote, weaknesses to shore up, and opportunities to capture. It was a very worthwhile process, and by applying many of the recommendations from Ralph’s report, our downtown is stronger and more vibrant than ever, and today is often rated as one of the best downtowns in America.”

-Marilyn Bittenbender, SIOR, CCIM, Senior Vice President, Colliers International, Lawrence, KS

“On two occasions we hired Ralph to provide economic advice, and it was well worth it. In New Bern, NC, Ralph packaged a beautiful hotel/marina project that was built along the waterfront…we were so pleased! Later, when I ran the Main Street program in Gallatin, TN, we benefitted from Ralph’s guidance again, as he provided a do-able retail attraction strategy. I heartily recommend getting Ralph to help you make things happen in your community!”

-Paula Graham, former client in New Bern, NC and in Gallatin, TN

“Please consider this reference on behalf of Ralph Basile of Vantage Point Real Estate Development, LLC. We engaged Ralph for a very intensive and challenging economic feasibility study for the early stages of the Horizon Project, a bio-tech oriented urban infill redevelopment in Charleston, South Carolina. The analyses that Ralph and his team did for the project built a strong foundation for our economic planning, especially as regards the use of Tax Increment Financing for infrastructure investments. The project today is in the early stages of first phase development. During the work process, I had the opportunity to work directly with Ralph, and found him to be highly responsive, timely with deliverables, and creative and collaborative in the work process. Please feel free to contact me if you require additional information.”

-Michael T. Maher, RA, AICP, CEO, Horizon Project Foundation, Inc., Charleston, SC

“Ralph Basile and his team of professionals provided the City of Providence Department of Planning and Development, a thorough and thoughtful economic development study in 2008. That study laid the groundwork for a number of administrative changes within city government, to enhance the delivery of services to small businesses and entrepreneurs. Their detailed research of best practices, continual accessibility and professionalism gave us guideposts from which to begin this important work and are as valued today as they were five years ago as our economic recession was deepening. Given the opportunity, I would heartily recommend them to any agency or municipality looking for such a study.”

– Ann Gooding, City of Providence, RI

“Ralph, I commend you for getting us the asset management memo so quickly. You and your team were very responsive to our many and varied requests, and produced user-friendly reports with timely information and focused analysis. We highly recommend him!”

– Susan Bowen, Vice-President, Gallagher Independent Fiduciary Services, Newark, NJ

“I have had the pleasure of working with Ralph for the past several years as co-consultants to the City of Long Branch. During that time Ralph has provided invaluable and varied service in connection with the City’s ambitious and extensive redevelopment efforts. He has been a strong lead negotiator in connection with complex redeveloper agreements, has vetted all proposed redevelopment projects and developer candidates to assure that the City achieves only feasible, high quality projects by financially-viable and experienced developers, and has been crucial to guiding the City through design work for a pier and ferry terminal, which is subject to federal oversight and numerous federal regulatory requirements. Ralph approaches each assignment, issue or problem with a refreshingly no-nonsense and to the point style and, simply put, gets things done.”

– Rob Beckelman, Esq., Greenbaum, Rowe, Smith & Davis, LLP, Metropark, NJ

“Ralph, I am glad you conducted a seminar in Atlanta over four years ago that resulted in this lease. This lease would not have been put together in this manner without your guidance, direction, and leadership. Again, thanks for a good job well done.”

– Thomas G. Counts, President, Decatur (GA) City Council

“Ralph displayed aggressive, well-organized efforts to expedite the project, and went out of their way at short notice to ensure financial documents were finalized.”

– Phil Wills, Booz Allen Hamilton, Chicago, IL

“Ralph is to be complimented on the work performed and the product provided on behalf of Jefferson County. It was your demonstrated ability to conduct a focused and appropriate analysis that won you the opportunity to conduct the study, and it was this same quality that allowed County to make a well-informed decision regarding the advisability of a convention facility. I believe it would be to your advantage to use the County of Jefferson as a reference for you future endeavors.”

– Douglas B. Schelleng, Jefferson County Department of Planning, Watertown, NY

“I want to thank you again, Ralph, for the great job you did teaching the Development Process session in San Francisco.”

– Sara Caldes, National Council for Urban Economic Development, Washington, DC

“Ralph, we have enjoyed working with you on this project and found your work to be very professional and helpful to us.”

– Nicholas O. Antonazzo, Crown American Corporation, Johnstown, PA

“Ralph, the City believes that you performed in a very satisfactory fashion for all elements of the contract and wishes you continued success in any future endeavors.”

– Michael A. Guido, Mayor, City of Dearborn, MI

“Thanks, Ralph, for all of your help over the past few months. Your task wasn’t an easy one (and is probably only just beginning), but you helped make the process enjoyable.”

– Kirt Woodhouse & Stewart R. Stender, Trammell Crow Company, Houston, TX

“…As before, Ralph I wish to express our appreciation for the time and effort you have put into this project and thank you for your offer to perform specific assignments, within the context of Phase II activities.”

– Ian M. Thompson, Durango, CO

“…The meeting was an important one for us in that it was our first time in coming together. Ralph gave us an excellent start on the work that we have ahead of us in creating value from MDOT’s real estate assets and core Transportation activities. I particularly appreciate your willingness to share your information and experiences. Without exception, everyone that I have spoke with since took something of value away from the meeting. I am looking forward to the opportunity to work with you again and hope that future meetings of the Working Group live up to the standard that you have set. Best wishes in your endeavors”

– Joseph D. Steller, Jr., Real Estate Advisor, Maryland Department of Transportation, Baltimore, MD

“Great job and thank you for you again, Ralph, for your good work on both the NAI technical guide and on this current article.”

– John Lynch, The Spectrum Group, Washington, DC

“Even though you guys picked up some copies last night, I thought you would like a few more copies of the Final Report, since you had such an impact on the outcome. You have heard that the County Executive has decided to move the project forward based on the Advisory Board’s recommendations. We really appreciate the effort you all put into this project. In addition to doing impact studies of the proposal, you helped the Advisory Board and County Councils climb the leaning curve about the market, the development process and how this project could work in Silver Spring. Staff also learned a great deal from you as well. I want to personally thank you for helping us meet the schedule for the final report. I know it was not easy. Your availability to meet with us, the sub-committees, the Advisory Board, and County Council, often at moments notice was appreciated.”

– Gary Stith, Redevelopment Manager, Montgomery Council, MD Government

“Please accept our heartiest thanks, Ralph, for your most engrossing discussion of financing tools and techniques. You opened some ears and eyes to way so of mitigating risks to which our people may not have given substantive consideration.”

– Donner D. Buchet, US Department of Housing and Urban Development, Washington, DC

“Ralph, I really appreciate all of the help you gave me during the last few months in pulling together the agenda and the speaker’s brochure. You’re also an excellent chairman (what style!) and your presentation was excellent. Both Kim and I enjoyed working with you very much.”

– Candace Moen, Educational Conference Services, Inc., Washington, DC

“Ralph, I received many comments following your presentation concerning the quality of the material provided and the variety of the information that you presented.”

– Anne E. Kolata, Deputy Executive Director, City of South Bend, IN

“Your presentation was exceptional, Ralph, with many participants commenting on the unique combination of technical detail and the straight-forward nature of your remarks.”

– Virginia Mayer, National Council for Urban Economic Development, Washington, DC

“I would like to echo our thanks to Ralph for the work product you developed. I understand your presentations were great – outlining the study itself as well as the realities of the challenges and opportunities of reservoir development. We appreciate the opportunity to work with you on this project. Again – our appreciation for a job well done and it was a pleasure working with you.”

– Patricia Clark and Raymond Hammarlund, State of Kansas Department of Commerce

“Thanks, Ralph, you did great work!”

– Rob Richardson, Director of Planning, Unified Government of Wyandotte County/Kansas City, KS

“Thanks for the heads up about the RCI forum, Ralph. I think our community would have completely missed out on it if you hadn’t let us know about it.”

– Kathryn Dodge, Ph.D. Economic Development Specialist, Fairbanks North Star Borough, AK

“I just wanted to take a moment to say ‘thanks’. The report and presentation were very well received. The fact that they did not want to repeat it on Tuesday night was in fact a compliment. I hope you realize that, Ralph! The information will be invaluable to me as we continue to recruit retail to Kingsport. I have already shared it with our key prospects!”

– Jeff Fleming, Kingsport, TN

“Where was Ralph five years ago when we made the decision to sign up this developer?”

– Jim Bruno, Vice Mayor, Asbury Park, NJ

“Again thanks, Ralph, for all your hard work and professional expertise in researching and analyzing the various market data to better assist Sandy City as we plan and direct future economic development projects and economic growth in our City.”

– Nick Duerksen, Assistant Director, Community Development Department, Sandy City, UT

“I wanted to thank you Ralph for another extremely productive meeting on the proposed TDR program. I think what you have drafted is brilliant.”

-George Stathis, Live Oak Group, Houston, TX

Ralph, you are doing a terrific job.”

– Libby Anderson, Planning Director, City of Beaufort, SC

“This study and these numbers will be used in every meaningful discussion/negotiation to
improve and protect West Point Lake. I am extremely pleased with the study and the process that went into it; I congratulate Ralph on his expertise, professionalism and follow through.”– Dick Timmerberg, Executive Director, West Point Lake Coalition, La Grange, GA

“The final report and tool look great, Ralph. They are up on our website.”

– Meredith Dang, Houston-Galveston Area Council

“Ralph, I wanted to let you know that we were successful in achieving what we needed with the Commonwealth with the support of your analysis. Thank you Ralph so much for your intensive effort.”

– Linda Gentry, Chief Financial Officer, Center for Innovative Technology, Herndon, VA

“You were a hit at the Main Street Workshop, Ralph, and you made an excellent presentation.”

– A.S. Glaze, Glaze Construction Management, Nashville, TN

“Ralph, thanks for the excellent job you have done thus far. As I mentioned, you weren’t the cheapest of those that responded to the RFP, but you certainly seemed like the firm that could and would provide the best product; I now know that we awarded to the best firm.”

– Rick Womble, Spotsylvania County (VA) Economic Development Authority

“Thanks, Ralph, for all of your hard work, your team’s hard work and your desire to work with us this last year. We have really enjoyed working with you. Again, great job last night with the presentation.”

– Matt Forshee, Director of Economic Development, Oconee County, GA

“Good report. I’ve already given you good reviews…we’re on the same track, heading in the same direction.”

– Ginnie Kozak, Planning Director, Lowcountry Council of Governments, SC

“Thank you for your efforts on this project, Ralph. I think the region has ended up a quality product that we can implement over a number of years to strengthen economic development efforts in the region.”

– Jim May, Executive Director, Center County Region Council of Governments, State College, PA

“Ralph and his team were pre-qualified to service in a pool of consultants for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts’ Infrastructure Investment Incentive (I-Cubed) program. Consultants are chosen on project basis to perform an analysis of development feasibility, cost assumptions included in economic development proposals, and the economic impact of development projects including new state tax revenues. Ralph and his team performed such an analysis most recently for a proposed project in Westwood, MA that seeks $10M in state infrastructure development assistance. They performed all tasks within budget and remained on time for all tasks for which they were provided adequate information. Ralph remained in constant communication with the Commonwealth regarding missing information from the project proponent and suggested solutions to problems. We look forward to working with Ralph and his team again in the future.“

-Catia Sharp, Economic and Fiscal Analyst, I-Cubed Program, Boston, MA

“Our past associations our past associations with Ralph have been both rewarding and successful. Ralph brings economic and marketing expertise to the design team while at the same time realizing the environmental and social constraints of a particular site. He has helped turn these challenges into market opportunities that create great projects.”

-Gary Wirth, PLA, ASLA, and Principal, Wirth and Associates, Inc., Charlotte, NC

“I have had the pleasure of working with Ralph in creating a mixed use redevelopment plan within the City’s town center, an initiative identified in the Atlanta Regional Commission’s Liveable Centers Initiative program. Ralph’s recommended redevelopment and reinvestment strategies for both the town center and for an adjacent business park district were adopted as part of our long term Comprehensive Plan and economic development strategy. He worked closely with a redevelopment team consisting of Chamber members, Development Authority members, elected officials, and economic development and planning staff, and provided valuable leadership in facilitating industry outreach to create partnerships that would achieve reinvestment and redevelopment in the heart of our city. His recommendations continue to guide and inform our economic development efforts today. Ralph would be a valuable asset to any economic development planning team. ”

-Pam Conner, Community Development Director, Powder Springs, GA