Asset Management

Assignments managed by Vantage Point Real Estate Development Management, LLC, senior professionals with private developers and asset managers have covered a host of developments including office, retail, hotel, residential, recreational/entertainment, group meeting/audience support, institutional, industrial and other projects.

As we investigate the balance between supply and demand in the marketplace, these market analyses conform to private sector underwriting procedures and requirements. Financial impact assessments primarily take the form of pro forma spreadsheet analyses in which project capital costs and operating characteristics are analyzed. Our professionals tally project revenues, account for space vacancy, detail project cost, establish project net operating income, and arrive project funding potential and project returns.

Development programming data is then provided to asset managers that describes the amount, timing and type of development that should be considered from it market standpoint. This data is used by physical/land planners to transform this information into the terminations of the location and configuration of land uses required.

Often considered a niche firm, our professionals or primarily for public- sector entities development authorities, local EDC’s, cities, universities, and local and state government entities) and specialize in structuring and implementing complex, public/private development projects to accomplish specific public-sector asset management and privatization objectives.