Revitalization/Redevelopment Strategies

Vantage Point Real Estate Development Management, LLC, senior professionals often lead or participate with multi-disciplinary teams in formulating revitalization and redevelopment strategies. Our professionals view the planning process as a means to achieve specific goals and objectives, and not as an end in and of itself. Thus, we emphasize action- oriented plans that specifically delineate business actions required to implement them.

Downtown Areas

Our professionals often act as counselors to policymakers concerned about the health and prospects for reinvestment in downtowns and central business districts. They often provide economic component of these plans and strategies while working with planners, urban designers, transportation specialists and others through multi-disciplinary collaborations. These strategies are prepared in accordance with state local laws specifically identifying requirements for findings of slum and blight, economic underutilization and other standards justifying public action to cause redevelopment.

Neighborhood/Commercial/Industrial Areas

Our senior professionals address the market, economic, development packaging, funding and implementation aspects of neighborhood, commercial and industrial area development plans. They apply experience and skills in the areas of urban redevelopment, facilities master planning, market and financial feasibility, project funding and implementation to forge solutions to these problems.

Regional Policies

The expertise of our senior professionals is often employed in more traditional comprehensive and regional land-use planning efforts. Again, we usually provide the market and financial feasibility components supporting policy statements made in such regional land-use planning efforts.