Senior professionals at Vantage Point Real Estate Development Management, LLC have been involved in a wide variety of retail projects in urban, suburban and rural communities. They have conducted market, economic and financial feasibility evaluations, prepared revitalization/implementation strategies, and outlined development approaches and marketing plans. They have also solicited and evaluated development proposals, negotiated development agreements, and packaged these projects on behalf of a broad range of public, private and quasi-public entities.

Urban/Suburban Infill
Our professionals have been retained to not only complete economic and market evaluations, but also to apply our experience gained in our nationwide practice to foster alternative techniques which can be implemented. These techniques often include use of innovative financing and use of strategic public/private partnership negotiation techniques.

Downtown/Main Street Revitalization
In past decades we have witnessed the rediscovery and revitalization of both older main streets of cities and towns, and the creation of newer main streets in shifting suburbs. Vantage Point Real Estate Development Management, LLC senior professionals have played a leading role in this renewed interest, and have facilitated reinvestment in these areas. Our senior professionals have provided their expertise to the National Trust for Historic Preservation’s Main Street Program.

Towns/Lifestyle Centers
A growing number of town/lifestyle center projects are being planned and built to serve existing suburban markets. Town centers are appearing on urban infill sites and in redevelopment areas, including brownfields sites. Our senior professionals have provided predevelopment advisory services for urban and suburban lifestyle/town centers, and have represented both the public sector and private development community. Assistance is typically provided by preparing economic and market analyses, demographic assessments, financial feasibility evaluations and in the identification of niche market opportunities.

Commercial Corridor Reinvestment
Our senior professionals have unmatched experience conducting consensus-based corridor revitalization analyses that get implemented. Our assistance has been utilized in a variety of settings, including aging suburban commercial corridors, urban districts and ex-urban communities. Market, economic development and implementation strategies have been prepared as part of comprehensive corridor revitalization and redevelopment plans. This work has included melding the views of local stakeholders to identify catalytic development projects that jump-start reinvestment along a corridor, as well as providing a road-map to guide local officials and property owners to assume the roles and responsibilities needed to attract new retail and business development.

Specialty Centers
Specialty retail centers have also been programmed and developed in new urban projects, adaptive reuse projects and in suburban centers. Our senior professionals have past involvement in city markets, festival marketplaces, amusement malls and other forms of specialty retail uses. Our senior professionals are well-recognized counselors to communities who are considering new forms of retail offerings.

Reinvented Retail Centers
The redevelopment of older, underutilized shopping centers and strip commercial areas into new mixed-use developments, town centers and vibrant main streets has become increasingly common. Our senior professionals have long been on the cutting edge of this emerging trend in retail real estate development, and have conducted a wide variety of economic, market and financial feasibility analyses to facilitate this transformation and assist the public and private sectors to meet the demands of consumers.

Community/Neighborhood Retail
Neighborhood and community shopping center facilities located in urban and suburban settings have also been programmed with our assistance. These efforts have been accomplished either as free- standing facilities or as components of mixed-use projects. Our experience includes specialty market evaluations, economic and demographic assessments, economic and fiscal impact analyses, and other predevelopment services.