Projects Overview

Vantage Point Real Estate Development Management, LLC, (VPREDM) is interested in assisting clients that wish to pursue implementation of commercial, residential, hotel, industrial and other quality projects. Senior professionals at VPREDM have achieved many notable successes in managing real estate developments from beginning to end, as dozens of hallmark projects have been built and are successfully operating as a result of their efforts nationwide.

The best testament to how the skills and expertise of our senior professionals have yielded results can be seen in the depth and breadth of investments that have resulted in literally millions of square feet of real estate development. Assignments undertaken by our senior professionals throughout their careers have led to the construction of the following wide range of real estate developments:

  • Office: 27 projects comprising over 9.4M SF
  • Hotel: 26 projects constructed with over 7500 rooms
  • Retail/Restaurant: 23 projects with over 8.4M SF
  • Residential: 13 projects offering over 2500 units
  • MXD: 52 assignments which led to dozens of projects combining a mix of office, hotel, residential, commercial and other uses
  • Institutional: 40 assignments which led to construction of high-quality government administrative space, hospitals, educational facilities and corporate spaces
  • Public Venues/Audience Support: 35 assignments which led to construction of many convention and conference centers, performing arts complexes, and sports/multi-purpose facilities
  • Sustainable Communities/PUDs: 26 assignments leading to both short- and long-term development management of several signature projects
  • Recreation: 17 assignments resulting in construction of several public golf courses, marinas and other outdoor projects, as well as a host of special indoor recreation endeavors
  • Industrial/Incubators: 15 assignments which led to construction of several industrial/flex facilities, business parks and logistics/distribution facilities
  • TODs: 13 assignments resulting in many landmark projects served by high-speed, light rail and other types of mass transit facilities
  • High-Tech/University Research: 12 assignments which led to some of the nation’s finest research and high technology parks, as well as biotechnology centers and incubators