The myriad opportunities offered by the recreational development industry are in direct response to the increasing public demand for leisure activity. Today’s maturing population is more physically-fit and generally better educated than its predecessors. These trends result in more specialized and sophisticated recreational projects in locations closer in proximity to urban populations. In addition to covering market and financial feasibility concerns usually addressed in risk management decisions, our evaluations also reflect the seasonal demand trends, community impacts, government regulations and future trends of the recreational development industry. Both outdoor and indoor recreation projects focus on evaluating several factors, including location, mobility, finance, management and marketing.

Outdoor Recreation Projects
Active recreational pursuits analyzed by our senior professionals have included daily fee, municipal and private golf courses. Our professionals have structured a number of waterfront projects and many marina facilities have been packaged with our assistance. These projects include both publicly and privately owned facilities which generally have been open to the public. Dry storage, maintenance and repair facilities, restaurants and slips are typical uses found in these projects. Also, passive and active outdoor facilities have been developed, including various park facilities. These projects have included campgrounds, playing fields, hiking and biking trails systems and other outdoor pursuits.

Indoor Recreation Projects
Our senior professionals have packaged a host of special facilities, including large and small retail -entertainment centers, some of the few film production studios located outside of California, and world- class public/private development projects involving recreation/entertainment uses.